SolitudeSo Far, So CloseSilhouetteBlack DressCicero 60 x48SoldChrysalis 60 x40Tranquility 48 x36 oil on canvas 2020Peace Within II 48 x24Fragility 48 x36" oil on canvas 2020 SOLDLong Way Home 44 x52" oil on canvas 2020The Distance Between 48 x60 oil, mixed mediaZEN, 50 x40" oil, mixed media ZEN II 60x47, oil, mixed mediaThe Dance 24 x16 oil, mixed mediaCallis, 63 x47" oil, mixed mediaSong for Clouds 40mx30, oil, mixed mediaPresence 54 x48 oil, mixed media 2018Rose 60 x48" oil, mixed media Marcus 24x 24" oil on canvas SOLDMeditations II, 70x60" oil on canvasStillness is the Key 80 x70" oil, mixed media The Stoic 48x36 oil, mixed media Together as One 28 x22 oil on canvasSoul to Soul 24 x24 SoldVirtue 70 x60" oil, mixed media Immortals 62 x47, oil, mixed mediaTwo dancers 70 x60" oil, mixed media THE MUSE, 50 x40" oil, on canvas SoldLucia 30 x28, oil, mixed mediaFaith and Light oil,36x18Persephone 62 x47 oil, wax mixed mediaLittle Dancer 60 x40" oil, mixed media SOLDSicily 50 x40 oil, mixed media Isadora 60 x44 oil, mixed media Paloma 60 x48" oil, mixed media Carmen 48 x36" oil, mixed mediaEgo 50 x40 oil, mixed media Toulouse 48 x36" oil, mixed media  SoldMeditation, 70x60" oil on canvas SOLDTransformation 50x40" oil on canvas SOLDDionysos, 48 x36, oil, mixed mediaLight and Strength 30 x28